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Service Philosophy

Unfortunately we have all come too familiar with the following phone call “Thank you for calling XYZ Corporation please enter 1 phone English or 2 for Spanish…Wait 30 seconds…Please enter your PIN number…Wait 30 seconds…Please enter the last four digits of your social security number…Wait thirty seconds…Please enter your security phrase…Elevator music…Wait 10 minutes…Someone from a call center somewhere around the world answers, and by the time you get to ask them a question you get disconnected. Frustrating right? At Rosenberg Asset Management we take tremendous pride in what we consider quite a different approach. When the phone rings, it’s answered by someone you know, that knows you, your family and your financial situation. We DO NOT have a separate office or a call center for clients that don’t meet a minimum account balance. In our Family Office we treat all of our clients and their investments and as they would, if they had the time, resources, and experience to do it themselves.