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Referral Based Program

“The best compliment a client can give you is the referral of a friend or family member.” Ed Rosenberg

We are pleased to announce that any referrals that we receive, Rosenberg Asset Management makes a donation to Robs Rescue Foundation. This donation is made in the name of the person that referred business to us, and that individual or individuals receive a certificate from the charity. We have partnered with several different charities both locally and nationally, and have volunteered our time and resources to mnay causes. This oppurtunity is a natural progression to help make a difference in our community.

Rosenberg Asset Management has been extremely blessed with clients and friends that have entrusted us with their business. We are ever grateful that those same people have thought enough about our services that they have referred us to family and friends in need of our services. This is a way for us to show our appreciation.


Mission Statement: "To financially assist families who have a child being treated for cancer at All Chidren's Hospital."

Rob's Rescue Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit foundation, was established in order to help families who have fallen between the cracks of financial aid. After spending 11 months on the cancer floor at All Children's Hospital & M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, Rob's family observed many families who made too much money to receive financial help, yet did not make enough money to make ends meet. It is beyond devastating to have a child with cancer, but it can also hurt you financially. Sometimes, just a little help can make a big difference and is greatly appreciated from the families.

Rosenberg Asset Management plans to continue earning your trust while supporting this amazing charity. We know there are countless options when choosing a financial professional and we appreciate you choosing us. We feel, by supporting Rob's Rescue Foundation, this is a wonderful way to display our gratitude and help a great cause.